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What is a gpa of 3.70 considered in letter grade?

need to know the letter grade for my grade point average score in university please?

    The Answers
  1. Claudia Claudia Find Me on Twitter Find Me on Facebook

    Are you sure you’re not looking at someone else’s transcript? Someone with a GPA of 3.70 should easily be able to figure out what letter grade it correlates to or at least be able to type the same thing into Google, especially since EVERY transcript or report card I’ve ever seen actually lists the grading scale along with letter grades on it. The grading scale will depend on your institution but most likely it’s a low A.

  2. Chloe Chloe Find Me on Twitter Find Me on Facebook

    Dude. If you don’t what a 3.70 GPA translates to you clearly either cheated on all your classes or you’re pathologically stupid. Interestingly, the sidebar for this website, for me anyway, shows an ad for a GPA calculator. So I’m guessing you might want to try in case we haven’t given you enough information already.

  3. Jade Jade Find Me on Twitter Find Me on Facebook

    4.0 in English +
    4.0 in History +
    4.0 in Phy Ed +
    4.0 in Rocket Science +
    4.0 in Knitting +
    4.0 in Pottery +
    1.9 in Remedial Math =

    3.7 GPA (A-)

  4. Clark Clark Find Me on Twitter Find Me on Facebook

    The equivalent letter grade is an “A.” Or 92%.