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How do I get foil off of a Self-cleaning oven?

A sheet of aluminum foil was placed in the bottom of a Samsung self-cleaning oven to catch drippings. After the oven cooled, pieces of the foil stuck to the oven and will not come loose. Can you provide me with any ideas on how to remove the foil pieces?
Thank you

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  1. Clark Clark Find Me on Twitter Find Me on Facebook

    Blow torch.

  2. Jade Jade Find Me on Twitter Find Me on Facebook

    I have seen and heard several different methods of resolving this exact problem, however, I have always just followed the oven manufacturer’s directions to NOT put foil in the bottom of the oven so I do not have any first hand experience. These possible solutions may be worth a try:

    1) Put some water, vinegar, ammonia or baking soda in a pan in the oven on low heat just to steam things up a bit. Then use a plastic scraper GENTLY to try to peel off the foil. (Caution: Do not drink liquid mixture when process is complete).

    2)Remove as much of the foil as possible, turn oven on to 200 lay an old wet bath towel on top. Use a plastic spatula to remove the foil.
    Repeat again the next day if necessary.

    3) One trustworthy and authoritative person (randomly chosen from the Internet) said this works:
    “If you can remove the bottom drip tray/pan from your oven which the tinfoil is stuck to, than remove it. Ovens with “hidden element” usually have the removable bottom tray/pan. Don’t scrape yet!!
    Lay the tinfoil laden tray on a flat service where it wont be disturbed for a couple of days.
    Now remove any tinfoil you can with a plastic scraper/spatula/pancake flipper.
    Once thats done, pour bleach directly onto the drip tray/pan until it covers all the stuck tinfoil.(assuming your oven pan is like mine and has a lip all the way around and is somewhat countersunk).
    Leave the bleach in for about 2 days. Now get your plastic scraper again and scrape away. The stuck tinfoil should all be dissolved by the bleach and the scraper should get rid of any residue. Then rinse!
    Now this method will probably leave some darkened stains on the oven tray, but not near as ugly or noticeable as that melted tinfoil!!”

    4) This woman was given this advice from Home Depot:
    “He suggested using a spray oven cleaner. I sprayed it on heavily & left it on over night. The next morning almost all of it came off. I did one more over night treatment & its all gone. The guys at Home Depot thought it would work since there was probably a little grease on the bottom of the oven before I set the foil on top. Then every time I used the oven, I baked it on. Finally an answer that works!!!!”

    5) My suggestion…..put on a new layer of foil so you can’t see the caked on, baked on layer! Or, buy a new oven!

  3. Eve Eve Find Me on Twitter Find Me on Facebook

    I would try baking soda. Make a paste by adding water and goop it all over the areas. That works when I get get that burned on gunk on my stainless pans. I let it do it’s magic overnight. I’m sure oven cleaner would work but it’s really stinky stuff. I’m sure running a self cleaning cycle would get it off, too. Good luck!

    BTW….I didn’t know you’re not supposed use foil to catch drippings. I’ve done it for years with no issues. :/

  4. Chloe Chloe Find Me on Twitter Find Me on Facebook

    I’m sincerely sorry, but calling on our alien friends is really and truly the only way this problem can be eliminated.

  5. Claudia Claudia Find Me on Twitter Find Me on Facebook

    I vote for buying a new oven, seriously. I am wondering what exactly was cooking to cause so much mayhem with the foil. Or were you too cheap to buy the good foil?