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I need my best friend back.

Me and my best friend got into an argument yesterday after she told me she changed and she sees things differently in me. I totally respect her changing because I love her with all my heart and I support her with all she does and I told her that. I said tell me what you see that bad in me and I am change too or just act differently around her. She said tneeds he doesn’t want to be responsible for changing the way I act. But she finds somethings that I say stupid and that I guess she lost some patience and sense of humor. I asked her if she still wanted to be my bestfriend and she said of course were gonna be friends but not bestfriends. I told her maybe we just need a break and she said yes. But that just left me heartbroken. I spent the whole night crying and thinking about our past relationship. I used to take her everywhere and we did everything together. I need help. I don’t know if she’s tired of me but she treats her friends like angels and me like a piece of dirt. I still love her regardless but I want her to feel the same way about me. :’(

    The Answers
  1. Claudia Claudia Find Me on Twitter Find Me on Facebook

    Change is hard, inevitable and necessary but it isn’t always easy especially when it means losing a friend. You’ve both changed and your friend is right, she shouldn’t be the reason you decide to change yourself. True change comes from a deep and profound recognition within yourself of what you need to alter and taking those steps, not an attempt to grasp at salvaging a relationship. I understand you’re hurting now, but take this as an opportunity to move forward in the world and try something different.

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